Environmental Protectors At Work

Today, environmental pollution, climate change, and a decrease in water resources are among the most important problems that humanity must solve. Today, it has been realized that the consequences of excessive consumption and unsustainable habits that continue to increase rapidly will affect our future very badly, and more responsible and conscious studies have begun to be exhibited in every field.In this way, we would like to develop alternative education systems to the traditional education approach. In order for students to acquire the habit of living responsibly and consciously in every field at a young age, it was desired to use a project-based learning method and this project was created. The project lasts from October to February. Keywords for our project: environmental awareness, gamification, behavior change for the environment, motivation to protect the Earth, computer-assisted teaching, digital games, web 2.0 tools. Developed and used in education in recent years new techniques will be used. It is aimed to train individuals who are technology literate, aware of climate change and environmental problems, seek solutions to these problems, are prone to interdisciplinary group work, and learn about careers related to the environment.